Sean Hannity Tells Russia Probe Witnesses Not To Cooperate With The FBI

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According to Sean Hannity, the FBI's only goal is to convince everyone that Donald Trump colluded with Russia.

Fox News host and right-wing radio personality Sean Hannity advised his listeners not to talk to special counsel Robert Mueller if they have information relevant to the Russia investigation, because the FBI can no longer be trusted.

During his Wednesday radio program, flagged by Media Matters, Hannity lamented that people like him who grew up revering the FBI and just want to help catch bad guys can’t speak to federal agents in good conscience anymore:

“If you're like me, and you were -- grew up to revere an FBI agent, and the FBI comes to your house, and maybe some crime took place in the neighborhood, and maybe you have a little bit of information, but you don't quite fully recall everything, but you're pretty sure you do -- the advice I have to give you now is, "don't talk to the FBI."”

“How awful is that?” he continued. “Because we want to help our FBI, because we want to help them solve crimes. We're good people, we play by the rules, we obey the laws in the country, we pay our taxes.”

After putting himself in the same category of Americans who work 12 to 14 hours a day, make their children lunch and dinner, and do homework in the evening, Hannity said Americans just want to help get “people who are doing bad things” — but now the FBI is compromised and only wants to railroad President Donald Trump.

“That's all that they want to fixate on, which is all redacted, and it's all speculation, and I don't think anything of what we're hearing is true, because it just -- none of it makes sense, but they get to jump the gun, because they want this all to -- they want everybody to believe Donald Trump was colluding with the Russians.”

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