Sean Hannity: Postal Workers Can’t Be Trusted To Deliver Ballots

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"Are you going to trust the United States postal service with the future of our country?"

On a nightly basis, Fox News personality Sean Hannity uses his platform to destroy, undermine, and corrupt American ideals.

During his Monday show, Hannity claimed that postal workers cannot be trusted to deliver ballots.

  • According to Media Matters, the host said, “By the way, voter fraud is just one part of why mail-in voting is so problematic. … With widespread mail-in voting, the United States Postal Service, they will be the ones responsible for the outcome of the election.”
  • Hannity went on to disparage the nation’s postal workers, saying:

Now, with all due respect to my mailman, I've loved my mailman ever since I was a kid, but are you going to trust the United States postal service with the future of our country? How was your local DMV working out for you? What about your local board of elections?

  • The host then ranted about all manner of government bureaucracy, including Obamacare.
  • “I don’t trust the government in any liberal state or city in the bureaucracy to get this right,” he said. “They can’t even keep law and order, and they’ve done a pretty horrible job of educating our kids.”

Watch the clip here.

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I worked for PO for 44 years and retired as a Postmaster. The people I worked with were honest and dedicated. Hannity doesnt know that all PO employees work in offices that have viewing stations for Postal Inspectors who can be watching at any given moment. We all know tthffat and never know if we're being observed. Boycott Hannity for attacking honest employees.


Why are folks even listening to Hannity. He is not a voice of reason. Now he's attacking an American agency that's been around since the Pony Express. Aren't you Fox watchers tired of how various used to be creditable and honorable government agencies torn down destroyed by Trump Administration for his good not for the Country. Trump uses people like Hannity or other Fox personalities except Chris Wallace or Agencies likes Attorney General, DNI,FBI, for his corrupt and personal needs. Enough is Hannity is attacking the post office..? smh dude crawl under a rock and stay


This man and Fox News is nothing but propaganda as a rule. There is one exception I can think of.. They are making money off the backs of ignorance.. IJS!


Postal employees take the same oath of office as the President. Trump violates his oath daily, so I can see why Hannity isn't reassured by the oath Postal workers take. However there are multiple systems of checks and balances to keep postal workers accountable. If only there were still checks and balances in place for the presidency.

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