Sean From ‘The Real World’ Proposes Anti-Abortion Bill to Save Gay Fetuses


Congressman proposes an anti-abortion bill to save gay fetuses, based on flawed reasoning and generalized science.

Despite Rep. Sean Duffy’s (R-WI.) record on voting against measures that would benefit the LGBTQ community, one of his last efforts before he leaves office is the introduction of a bill that would ban the termination of a pregnancy if the fetus is gay, according to the Friendly Atheist

Rep. Duffy’s bill relies on a recent study that suggests that genetic components may be a minor contributing factor in sexual orientation, yet he believes that this will lead to a “gay gene” being discovered in utero. 

The study itself concluded that there were many factors that influence sexual orientation and that there was no way to predict homosexuality based on genetic markers. 

Their conclusion didn’t stop Sean from “The Real World” from writing in a press release, “As science advances and genetic markers for sexual orientation are discovered, I believe it is vital we begin now to set ethical standards to protect the lives of unborn gay children.”

However, Leila Abolfazli, director of federal reproductive rights at the National Women’s Law Center, pointed to the flaw of his bill and said, “[Republicans] are doing nothing to protect LGBTQ individuals from discrimination on an everyday basis. It’s offensive that this is the way he’s approaching it.”

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WTF? How would anybody know a "gay fetus"????????? Too bad they couldn't have identified, "Stupid Fetuses" before he was born!!

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