SD Gov. Builds Wall Around Her Residence As Anger At Her COVID Response Mounts

Screengrab / Governor Kristi Noem / YouTube

Julie Zheng

SD Gov. is planning to build a $400K wall around her residence amid the rising coronavirus criticism.

As recommended by security officials, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) has announced plans to build a $400,000 wall around her residence in response to personal threats against her, according to The Hill.

  • Noem’s COVID-19 response, which aligned with President Donald Trump, has raised unspecified threats against her, The Hill reported.
  • South Dakota has experienced one of the largest public gatherings in the country last week as thousands of bikers arrived in the state for the Sturgis Motorcycle rally. “It’s no secret that a few individuals don’t like some of the decisions the Governor has made on behalf of the people of South Dakota during this pandemic and otherwise,” a Noem spokesperson told The Hill. “In America, we debate issues; we don’t turn to violence. But it only takes one, and per the Governor’s security team, putting up a fence around the residence is critical at this time.”
  • Noem planned to build an 8-foot fence with a guardhouse last year, but it was abandoned. “The guardhouse will no longer be part of the security perimeter,” The Hill reported.

Noem’s administration has not yet announced how much of the fence will be paid for by taxpayers, as some funding reportedly will come from private donations.

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