Scottish MP Suggests Trump Might Be Involved In “Serious Crime" In Scotland



Scottish MP Patrick Harvie called for a probe into where President Trump got the money to buy his Scottish properties.

Scottish Parliamentarian Patrick Harvie said this week that there is reason to believe that President Donald Trump or his associates have been involved in “serious crime” related to Trump’s properties, according to The Scotsman.

Harvie pushed for an investigation into “exactly how the Trump Organization funded its multi-million dollar Scottish land acquisitions, saying there were ‘reasonable grounds’ to suspect the U.S. president has been involved in illegal activity,” Law & Crime noted.

“Trump’s known sources of income do not explain where the money came from in these huge cash transactions,” the MP said before the Scottish parliament. “There are reasonable grounds for suspecting that his lawfully obtained income was insufficient. Trump is a politically exposed person in terms of the law, and there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that he, or people he is connected with, have been involved in serious crime. Some of them have pleaded guilty.”

The investigation Harvie is urging would come via an “Unexplained Wealth Order,” which Law & Crime reported is “an investigative tool issued by British courts which compels individuals and entities to provide a detailed account of how they acquired a particular good or property.”

Authorities can confiscate the property in question if a target refuses to comply with the order, the publication noted.

Harvie insisted that UWO’s were “designed precisely” for the type of circumstances surrounding Trump’s land purchases.

“Will the first minister seek a UWO and make it clear that Scotland is not a country where anyone with the money can buy whatever land or property they want, no questions asked?” he inquired.

The Trump Organization has said it used no outside financing for the 2008 purchases of properties in Scotland, according to The Scotsman, but Law & Crime noted that Scotland on Sunday reported that Trump sought more than $40 million in financing in 2008 from the Bank of Scotland.

The bank refused to provide the loans to either Trump or the Trump Organization.

Last year, the Scottish government claimed that Trump refused to cough up thousands of pounds in legal fees after he lost a long legal battle against a wind farm off the coast of his golf course.

Eric Trump, the president’s son, said Harvie’s allegations were “reckless,” “disgusting,” baseless, and “libelous.”

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