Scott Walker Signs Bill That Strips Powers From His Democratic Replacement

Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill Friday that will shift executive authority away from his Democratic successor.

When reports surfaced that Wisconsin Republicans were crafting legislation to curb the powers of outgoing Governor Scott Walker’s Democratic replacement, it was initially unclear whether Walker would sign off on the measures.

But on Friday, the Republican governor put all questions to rest as he signed the lame-duck legislation, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported, “approving the entire legislation after saying he was inclined to veto parts of it.”

The move came a day after Walker announced a $28 million incentive package for Kimberly-Clark Corp. using powers the legislation strips from incoming Democratic Gov. Tony Evers. If Walker had signed the legislation earlier, he wouldn't have been able to cut the deal with Kimberly-Clark without permission from lawmakers.

The legislation also puts limits on the incoming attorney general and curb early voting — provisions that will likely ignite legal fights.

Walker has insisted the legislation does not curb Evers’ powers, saying the “overwhelming executive of authority I have as governor today will remain constant with the next governor”.

Evers disagreed, saying in a statement that Walker "chose to ignore and override the will of the people of Wisconsin."

"This will no doubt be his legacy," his statement said. "The people demanded a change on November 6th, and they asked us to solve problems, not pick petty, political fights. The people of Wisconsin expect more from our government than what has happened in our state over the past few weeks."

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