Scotland Strips Donald Trump’s Golf Course Of A Lucrative Tax Break

Trump Turnberry Golf Course, ScotlandCredit: Billy McCrorie/CC BY-SA 2.0

A tax break meant to help struggling businesses in Scotland will no longer apply to Trump Turnberry starting next year.

One of President Donald Trump's golf courses in Scotland will no longer receive a tax break meant to assist struggling businesses in the country.

Newsweek reports that Trump Turnberry, which saved about $174,000 in taxes this year thanks to the break, will no longer be eligible due to changes in the law's criteria:

Trump Turnberry will be cut out from the break because the Scottish government announced that starting next year, properties are required to have a “rateable value” of less than £1.5 million to be eligible. Trump’s property, which is one of two luxury golf resorts he owns in the country, has a value exceeding £1.6 million, or about $2.1 million.

Trump critics in Scotland are pleased to see that taxpayers will no longer be propping up this particular piece of Trump real estate:

“It’s bad enough that he has a business presence in Scotland,” Patrick Harvie, a Member of the Scottish Parliament from the Green Party, told the Sunday Herald.“It’s galling to learn that the public purse is giving him a helping hand.”

Longtime Trump critic Martin Ford, a councilor in Aberdeenshire, told the Sunday Herald that “absolutely no-one would think that the best use of nearly £110,000 of public money is to use it to enhance Mr. Trump’s bank balance. He clearly doesn’t need it.”