School Shooting Survivor Receiving Death Threats From NRA Supporters

Screengrab/Guardian News/YouTube

School shooting survivor David Hogg has received multiple death threats since coming out against the NRA.

The Florida teenagers speaking out about gun violence after surviving a school shooting earlier this month have been dragged through the mud by certain people in far-right circles.

Some have even called a few of them 'crisis actors' and charged them with being part of a left-wing conspiracy to confiscate America's guns.

One of those students, 17-year-old David Hogg, has begun receiving death threats since coming out against the National Rifle Association.

Hogg, who is mourning the deaths of 17 of his classmates and others who were killed in the February 14 shooting in Parkland, Florida, has become a prominent voice in the gun control debate in the days following the tragedy.

But after making a number of media appearances, the 17-year-old was targeted by conspiracy theorists, who accused him of being a "crisis actor." Some claimed he had been "coached" ahead of TV interviews.

The accusations moved from 4chan to social media and then gained national attention after the president's son, Donald Trump, Jr., 'liked' a tweet promoting Hogg's potential ulterior motives:

“Could it be that this student is running cover for his dad who Works as an FBI agent at the Miami field office Which botched tracking down the Man behind the Valentine day massacre? Just wondering. Just connecting some dots,” Graham Ledger wrote in a message liked by the president’s son.

The online abuse then escalated to death threats directed toward Hogg and his family:

The young activist's mother, who works as an elementary school teacher, told The Washington Post that her family has received multiple death threats. "I'm under so much stress," Rebecca Boldrick said. "I'm angry and exhausted. Angry, exhausted and extremely proud."

And Hogg was not the only survivor to face backlash for speaking out -- Cameron Kasky, 17, said he left Facebook when death threats from "NRA cultists" began rolling in.