Saudi Newspaper, Owned By The Crown Prince’s Brother, Calls For US To Bomb Iran

The Arab News, owned by the Saudi Crown Prince's brother, called for "surgical strikes" against Iran.

On Thursday, the Arab News published an editorial that argued that, following drone strikes against Saudi Arabia’s East-West pipeline on Tuesday, the U.S. should engage in “surgical strikes,” Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports.

The editorial stated that American airstrikes in Syria in response to suspected chemical warfare “set a precedent.” It’s “clear that [U.S.] sanctions are not sending the right message" and that Iran "must be hit hard," the article added, thought it failed to identify targets that the U.S. should strike.

The publisher of the newspaper is the Saudi Research and Marketing Group, which was led by the sons of King Salman until 2014 and has long reflected the official position of the government. Turki bin Salman al Saud, brother of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, now owns the publisher.

Deputy defense minister of Saudi Arabia accused Iran on Thursday of being responsible for an attack on Saudi oil stations, a strike for which the allegedly Iran-backed Houthi claimed responsibility.

The strike "proves that these militias are merely a tool that Iran's regime uses to implement its expansionist agenda," Prince Khalid bin Salman, one of King Salman’s sons, said in a tweet.

"The terrorist acts, ordered by the regime in Tehran, and carried out by the Houthis, are tightening the noose around the ongoing political efforts."

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