Sarah Sanders: Trump Has Done Nothing But Condemn Violence Against Journalists

President Trump has routinely lashed out at the press and referred to the media as the "enemy of the people."

Earlier this week, a Coast Guard lieutenant was arrested for allegedly planning a domestic terrorist attack and compiling a “list of Democratic lawmakers and journalists” to target. In a press event with Sarah Sanders, one journalist brought up the recent case in relation to Donald Trump’s history of negative rhetoric against journalists.

In a video shared by ABC News, a reporter asked Sanders if she thought that Donald Trump’s comments about journalists contributed to nationalist motivations and if the president could “tone down” his rhetoric for this purpose. In her response, Sanders evoked a sentiment similar to that of the president in blaming the media. Sanders claimed that President Trump has always condemned violence but that “the media is the first to blame the president.” Following the statement, she continued to assert that Trump “condemns violence in all forms.”

However, Donald Trump has a history of inciting violence, especially at his rallies. In one instance in 2017, he even praised a Republican lawmaker who had physically assaulted a journalist.

Watch here.