Sarah Sanders: House Democrats Aren't "Smart Enough" to Read Trump's Tax Returns

Screengrab / Fox News / YouTube

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Democrats in Congress wouldn't be able to understand Trump's tax returns.

According to Raw Story, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that President Trump’s tax returns shouldn’t be released because House Democrats aren’t “smart enough” to understand them.

On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace, the show’s host, asked Sanders if Trump would stop the release of his tax returns after they were requested by a congressional committee.

“The president has been clear from the beginning,” Sanders said. “As long as his taxes are under audit, he’s not going to release them.”

“Will he tell the IRS not to release them?” Wallace asked.

“We’ll have to see what happens on that front,” Sanders replied. “One of the biggest things that I think people aren’t seeing is the fact that the only reason that the Oversight Committee has the ability to request someone’s taxes [is] for the purpose of determining policy.”

Sanders said that Democrats are making a request that “has nothing to do with policy.”

“This is all about political partisanship,” she said. “This is a dangerous, dangerous road,” she continued. “And, frankly Chris, I don’t think Congress, particularly not this group of congressmen and women, are smart enough to look through the thousands of pages.”

“Most of them probably don’t do their own taxes,” Sanders finished. “And I certainly don’t trust them to look through the decades of success that the president has and determine anything.”

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