Sarah H. Sanders: Playing Golf Makes Trump A Better President

Obama White House / Public Domain

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders indicated Trump uses his time on the links for relationship building.

When confronted with President Donald Trump's golfing habit by the press on Tuesday, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders offered reporters a humorous defense of the president's 91 trips to the links:

“I think it would certainly be developing deeper and better relationships with members of Congress in which those relationships have helped push forward the president’s agenda, specifically when it comes to helping get the tax reform and tax cuts passed. A lot of that, I think, and the success of that came from the strong relationships that the president has,” Sanders said.
“He’s played golf with a number of senators and used that time certainly to accomplish that,” she said.

Trump made it a point to pick on his predecessor's golf outings and indicated he would take a different approach:

“I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf,” Trump said at an event in August 2016.

If Trump serves two terms and keeps up his pace of golfing, he will have played more than 700 rounds by 2025, about twice as many as Obama did during his eight years in the White House.