Sarah H. Sanders: It’s SOP For Presidents To Steal Their Own Medical Records

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said it is "standard operating procedure" to acquire such medical files

In response to President Donald Trump’s personal physician saying that White House officials “raided” his office and “stole” Trump’s original medical records, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said seizing such files is “standard operating procedure” and denied a theft had occurred.

“As a standard operating procedure for a new President, the White House medical unit took possession of the President’s medical records,” she said in response to questions about NBC’s report on the seizure, which she declined to characterize as a “raid.”

According to Trump’s longtime personal doctor, Harold Bornstein, Trump’s bodyguard, a Trump Organization lawyer and another unidentified man raided his office and took Trump’s medical records last year. According to Bornstein, the seizure happened without documentation or permission.

Bornstein believes the incident was sparked by his admission to the media that Trump was taking a hair loss medication, which took place just prior to the seizure of records.