San Francisco Man Fired After Caught Blocking Hispanic Neighbor From Building

Screengrab / @abc7newsbayarea / Twitter

Artivia Tahir

A Hispanic man was blocked from entering his own apartment by a white man who called him a criminal

Michael Barajas, a Hispanic man based in San Francisco, was blocked from entering his own apartment building by his white neighbors, according to ABC7 News.

  • When attempting to use his remote key fob to open the garage door to Soma residences, a white SUV driven by William Beasley drove up and blocked the entrance. Barajas said:

“His immediate reaction was, ‘Hey, you f*cking criminal, you’re not coming in here.'”

  • Barajas, a Berkeley graduate and community educator for a biopharmaceutical company, said he was dressed in black with his tattoos showing, which he believes led Beasley to respond based on his appearance.
  • The dispute continued for twenty minutes, during which time Beasley threatened to shoot Barajas. The conflict continued until bystanders jumped in to end it.
  • Beasley has since been fired from his tech job with APEX Systems and when asked about the incident, he responded that it was not motivated by racism and would’ve ended had Barajas used his key fob — which he said he did.

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