Saint Paul Mayor says every person arrested last night was from out of state

May 29, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota: Protesters are defying curfew orders in Minneapolis Friday night, and firefighters are trying to put out several business and brush fires (ArtphotoVideo/Shutterstock)

Dan Broadbent

The mayor of Saint Paul said that everyone arrested during protests last night were not from the state of Minnesota.

Today, the mayor of Saint Paul said that every person arrested in the protests last night in Saint Paul was from out of state. This is consistent with other reports from officials in Minnesota, who have said that bad elements - people who are not genuinely grieving the loss of George Floyd and protesting the storied history of police aggression towards communities of color - are the people who are causing the destruction we've seen following Derek Chauvin's execution of George Floyd.

This is important, as we're already seeing people like Donald Trump and his Attorney General Bill Barr spreading the narrative that the violence and destruction are from "left wing groups".

As Sergei Klebnikov wrote in Forbes:

“I want to be very, very clear: The people that are doing this are not Minneapolis residents,” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey added. “They are coming in largely from outside of the city, from outside of the region, to prey on everything we have built over the last several decades.”

According to Saint Paul Mayor Melvin Carter, every person arrested in the city last night was from out of state: “We don’t know these folks,” he reiterated.

Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington confirmed evidence of white supremacist groups trying to incite violence; Many posted messages online that encouraged people to go loot in Minneapolis and cause mayhem.

“Our great cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul are under assault by people who do not share our values, who do not value life and the work that went into this, and certainly who are not here to honor George Floyd,” Walz said. “So if you are on the streets tonight, it is very clear: You are not with us.”

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They do that. A team of posers all of whom are actually employed by some mysterious global strangers. Setting your town on fire.


Race stats of arrests. ID's. It's public info so someone should follow up

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