Russian State TV: GOP Senate Won’t Allow Trump—Whom We Elected— To Be Impeached


Russian state media believes Senate Republicans will spare Trump and impeachment conviction.

Russia expert Julia Davis noted on Twitter Wednesday that Russian state media has shown confidence that Democrats’ attempt to impeach President Donald Trump will not be successful, thanks to a Republican majority in the Senate.

The state-run media believes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Senate Republicans will continue to protect the president:

“Kremlin-controlled state TV hosts throw buckets of mud on #Ukraine, insist it should investigate [former Vice President Joe] Biden and conclude that ‘Republican majority in the Senate won’t allow President Donald Trump—whom we elected— to be impeached. It’s impossible,'” Davis wrote, alongside an image of Russian state TV.

Davis said Russia’s “fingerprints are all over” the president’s mission to find dirt on his opponent, adding that “the Kremlin-controlled state TV named a specific Department of State official in Ukraine they want Trump to squeeze, in order to extract Biden kompromat.”

Sarah Jones at Politicususa summed up:

Russia is now pressuring Ukraine to give Trump the dirt on his top polling 2020 Democratic rival, Joe Biden. And Republicans are defending this even as Russia mocks us. The moniker Moscow Mitch was effective because it has legs.

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