Russian State TV Calls US "Geopolitical Loser”, Says It Gave Putin A “Real Gift”


The Russian state TV segment highlighted that the U.S. had no part in a recent deal struck between Russia and Turkey.

According to Russian media analyst Julie Davis, a recent Russian state TV segment referred to the United States as a “geopolitical loser” and said the country has given Russian President Vladimir Putin “a real gift.”

The segment ran after President Donald Trump ordered U.S. troops to be removed from northern Syria ahead of a planned Turkish offensive against the American-allied Kurdish forces earlier this month.

This week, Putin met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to discuss next steps in the region. Russian media referred to the ensuing agreement between the leaders as an “unprecedented deal,” with the U.S. having no influence on the matter.

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Trump said NATO was obsolete. Maybe he's helping its destruction along.. And yet, another decision that benefits Russia. hmmm

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