Russian State TV Calls Trump A “Clown” And A Loser At Foreign Policy BY 4.0

Russian television hosts mocked Trump’s failure to compromise with North Korea.

The Russian state television service this week had a field day over Trump's failure to reach an agreement to denuclearize North Korea. State TV show host Dmitry Kiselyov listed all of Trump's foreign policy mistakes and mocked his overconfidence in his ability to reach a deal with North Korea—and deals with any country in general.

“Trump miraculously managed to worsen relations on all fronts: with the European Union, China, Russia,” Kiselyov said. “Total failure in Syria. The same with Turkey. Failure with Iran and failure with Venezuela. Nothing but failures at every turn… Trump, who calls himself the ‘master of the deal,’ left Vietnam empty-handed.”

Russian expert in Korean Studies Konstantin Asmolov ridiculed Trump similarly, saying that many leaders are probably wary of making deals with somebody they expect to be voted out of office next year. “If Kim conceded anything [to Trump], then Trump’s successor might say that everything that this clown [Trump] has signed was not in our national interests and then Kim would end up in Gaddafi’s position,” he said.

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