Russian Journalist Dies By Suicide After Years Of Harassment By Putin’s Thugs

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Irina Slavina was harassed for years by Russian authorities and her apartment was raided the day before her death.

Human Rights Watch reported last week that journalist and publisher Irina Slavina died after setting herself on fire on October 2, one day after her apartment was raided by police.

  • Slavina, who ran an independent online outlet called Koza Press, was harassed by Russian authorities for years, according to the report.
  • In a Facebook post written just before she killed herself in front of the Interior Ministry building, Slavina wrote: “Blame the Russian Federation for my death.”

On October 1, Slavina described in her post how police raided her apartment at 6 a.m. that day, and confiscated “everything they found” – USB sticks, laptops, cell phones, and her notes. After the search, authorities interrogated Slavina as a witness in a criminal case against a local entrepreneur Mikhail Iosilevich for his alleged involvement with an “undesirable organization.” The organization in question, Open Russia, is a public movement loosely affiliated with Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a former oil tycoon and political rival to President Vladimir Putin, currently living in London.

According to Slavina’s lawyer, in 2020, police used different administrative charges to target her, repeatedly resulting in hefty fines that caused her anxiety. Local investigative authorities released a statement on the day of her death, saying the tragedy was not connected to the raid on her apartment.

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"suicide" Hmmm. So instead of leaving the country or getting out if the journalism business, she just up and kills herself. Sounds kinda legit?

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