Russia State TV Suggests Trump Will Defect To Russia If He Loses Election

A still image from RT's video using Deepfake technology to imagine President Trump as one of its anchors.Screengrab / RT / YouTube


RT's parody video imagines President Trump defecting to Russia to join up with state media after losing the election.

State-controlled Russian media outlet RT released a parody video using Deepfake technology on Tuesday suggesting President Donald Trump would defect to Russia if he loses the November election and join up with Russian state media.

  • The Daily Mail reported that the video imagines Trump as a guest anchor for RT and uses real audio clips of the president “fawning over Vladimir Putin, praising the Kremlin and slamming the mainstream media.”

Russia Today released its spoofy ad, entitled 'Trump is here to make RT Great Again! (or is he?!)' on Tuesday.

It features an actor dressed up like Trump with a similarly stocky build and a campy yellow wig - paired with real audio clips of the president fawning over Vladimir Putin, praising the Kremlin and slamming the mainstream media.

  • The video appears to troll those who have accused Trump of being in Putin’s pocket, The Daily Mail wrote, and comes as the CIA released a report indicating that Putin is “probably directing” an influence campaign against Joe Biden.
  • The video ends with an invitation for viewers to tune into RT’s coverage of the U.S. election.
  • On its website, RT wrote:

“If all doesn't go well for Donald Trump at the polls on November 3, then don't worry Mr. President, just hop on a plane to Moscow because there's a job waiting for you at RT.

After all, the mainstream media has accused RT and Trump of working together to swing elections for years, so they might as well do it for real.

What would it look like? Well, here is footage of the secret negotiations that have already taken place.”

Watch the video:

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