Russia Mocks U.S. After Trump Uses Russian Military In Campaign Photos


“Obviously, this is a mistake caused by the beauty of Russian weapons."

Politico reports that a Trump campaign ad released on September 11 “calling on people to ‘support our troops’ uses a stock photo of Russian-made fighter jets and Russian models dressed as soldiers.”

The ad, which was made by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, features silhouettes of three soldiers walking as a fighter jet flies over them. The ad first appeared on Sept. 8 and ran until Sept. 12.

“That’s definitely a MiG-29,” said Pierre Sprey, who helped design both the F-16 and A-10 planes for the U.S. Air Force. “I’m glad to see it’s supporting our troops.”

Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies in Moscow, confirmed that the planes are Russian MiG-29s, and also said the soldier on the far right in the ad carries an AK-74 assault rifle.

Daily Beast columnist and Russian media analyst Julia Davis tweeted Moscow’s response, which effectively mocked the Trump campaign for its error.

@JuliaDavisNews / Twitter

Politico noted that the Trump Make America Great Again Committee “is run by both the Republican National Committee and the campaign.”

After this story was published, the creator of the image, Arthur Zakirov, confirmed in a Facebook message that it shows a 3D model of a MiG-29, and that the soldiers were Russian models. He said it was a composite photo created five years ago and taken in three different countries showing Russian sky, Greek mountains and French ground.

“This is a completely recreated scene from various photographs of mine,” said Zakirov, a 34-year-old oil company analyst and hobbyist photographer based in the Russian city of Perm, about 700 miles east of Moscow.

“Today you hear about the Kremlin’s hand in U.S. politics. Tomorrow you are this hand,” he joked, saying he found the fact that his photo ended up in a Trump fundraising ad “pretty funny.”

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