Russia, Iran, North Korea Call Out US For ‘Double Standard’ On Crushing Protests

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead / Public Domain

Megan Everts

Multiple governments have decided to call out the U.S. for its contradictory response to protests in the states.

Russia, Iran, and North Korea have called out the United States for its response to the recent protests over police brutality, arguing that the way the U.S. is trying to crush the protests contradicts their criticisms of other governments’ anti-democratic behavior, reported Komo News and Global News.

Komo News covered Russia’s perspective on this matter, writing that “the Russian Foreign Ministry urged the U.S. authorities to respect Americans’ right for peaceful protest amid the wave of demonstrations sparked by George Floyd’s death.”

  • The ministry spokesperson, Maria Zakharova noted that many journalists, including Russian reporters, have been hurt during these protests.
  • Furthermore, she challenged the forceful response to protests, saying that it is “time for the U.S. to drop the mentor’s tone and look in the mirror.”
  • She argued that the U.S. needs to “start respecting peoples’ rights and observing democratic standards at home.”

Global News covered other countries’ perspectives on the actions of the U.S., as Iran and North Korea expressed ideas similar to those expressed by Russia.

  • The article noted that according to Human Rights Watch, “Iran has a long history of human rights abuses, including police crackdowns and long prison sentences for activists, human rights defenders, peaceful protesters and environmentalists.”
  • Yet, Abbas Mousavi, a spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry, recently said: “To the American people, the world has … heard your outcry over this state oppression. The American regime is pursuing violence and bullying at home and abroad.”
  • Additionally, the article notes that “North Korea’s state-run newspaper ‘harshly condemned’ the death of George Floyd, describing it as a ‘lawless and brutal murder’ by a white policeman against a Black citizen.”

It is evident that the U.S. response to these protests does not reflect well on its international relations, as other countries have pointed out its double standards.


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