Rupert Murdoch, The Owner Of Fox News, Is A Threat To U.S. Democracy

Hudson Institute/CC BY 2.0/Flickr

"His deliberate disregard of journalistic standards and ethics helped erase the line between...truth and propaganda."

Rupert Murdoch, the executive chairman of Fox News, aids Trump in his pursuit to weaken the American democracy with fake news. The Las Vegas Sun writes that “The Fox News executive chairman not only provides Trump with a megaphone to activate his base supporters, along with a de facto staff of advisers like Sean Hannity who pipe advice directly to the president, but he’s also become closely aligned with Trump on a personal level.”

Edward Luce from the Financial Times said, “They talk weekly- and sometimes daily. Mr. Trump takes his cue from Fox & Friends, the morning show that plays the same role in Mr. Trump’s day as the presidential intelligence briefing did for his predecessors. Sometimes Mr. Trump phones the show live. Thirty minutes into his latest call, one of the hosts had to cut him off. He was starting to incriminate himself.”

Luce also said that when Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox announced a deal with Disney in December, Trump called Murdoch to confirm that he would still be retaining Fox News. That is the level of importance that Murdoch and Fox News have for Trump.

Murdoch has a "history of undermining democratic tenets in both his native Australia and Great Britain, most recently when he helped stoke nationalist fervor that led to the U.K.’s disastrous Brexit vote."

He disregards journalistic standards and basic ethics, giving rise to the “fake news” which has divided Americans so thoroughly.

To push back against the Murdoch-Trump duo, the organization must be actively boycotted and its competitors must be supported.