Rudy Giuliani’s Third Ex-Wife Is Making His Life Miserable In Divorce Court

Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R)Screengrab / Youtube / ABC News

Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York, appears to have a messy divorce on his hands.

According to NY Daily News, Former New York City Mayor and current personal lawyer to Trump, Rudy Giuliani and his wife Judith Nathan are in the midst of an ugly divorce. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz said the parties have failed to make “any progress in (the) direction” of a settlement in a case that has lasted over a year.

“I think we’re going to be moving this case along to a lengthy and unpleasant trial but so be it,” Katz said. “We'll do what we need to do to resolve this case.”

The divorce proceedings have gotten increasingly petty. Giuliani has recently accused his estranged wife of failing to tell him about the existence of a bank account with only $100 in it.

Katz criticized Giuliani after Giuliani called one of his wife’s claims “bulls--t!”

“Mr. Giuliani, don't interrupt the proceeding,” the judge said. “You have lawyers representing you,” he told Giuliani. “You’re not the lawyer.”

Katz called the case “a circus,” as both sides make increasingly ridiculous accusations, including an accusation that Nathan harassed Giuliani at a country club. Giuliani's attorney, Lisa Zeiderman, said Nathan approached her ex-husband at a West Palm Beach country club and photographed him. Nathan denied that it happened, and Giuliani insisted that she was at the club to buy items for the daughter of his girlfriend.

“Whoever is in the room first gets to stay in the room,” Katz said . “If Mr. Giuliani is in one room in one of their common clubs, he can go to a different room and visa versa.”

Giuliani also failed to pay for Nathan’s mother’s nursing home, which he was ordered by the court to do.

“(The bills) never comes to me directly,” he mumbled. “Goddammit.”

Katz erupted in anger when Nathan complained about home maintenance costs, saying she’s “been living without a kitchen for a year.”

“I’m really not micromanaging a kitchen renovation” Katz shot back.

Nathan and Giuliani, who were married for 15 years, are fighting over millions of dollars and multiple properties. Their split was prompted by an affair Giuliani had with Dr. Maria Rosa Ryan.

Giuliani exclaimed, “I have no desire to be married to her for one more day!”

Nathan is insisting on keeping the last name “Giuliani.” After a reported addressed her as “Ms. Nathan,” she responded, “Giuliani is my name.”