Roy Moore To Contest Alabama Results, Claims Voter Fraud

Screengrab/The Young Turks/YouTube

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill said he found no irregularities "outside the norm".

More than two weeks after his stunning loss to Democrat Doug Jones, Republican Roy Moore remains unwilling to concede the election - and now he is challenging the results in court.

Moore said in a news release that three experts had found that fraud “improperly altered the outcome of the election” that he lost by more than 20,000 votes after a campaign where he was accused of molesting, sexually assaulting and pursuing teenage girls.

One named “expert” who questioned the results, due to be certified on Thursday, was Richard Charmin. A website run under the same name specializes in writing about election fraud and JFK conspiracy theories.

Moore had previously insisted the final result not be called until military and provisional ballots were counted, but election officials said the number of votes - in the neighborhood of 5,000 - would not be enough to swing the election in Moore's favor.

Most analysts chalk up Jones’s win to the support and turnout of black voters, while the expected boost for the Republican was eroded by voters who could not stomach casting their ballot for him and chose write-in candidates.

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill told the New York Times earlier this month that he found no "irregularities or any inconsistencies that are outside the norm" with regard to the special election.