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Former Alabama Supreme Court justice Roy Moore, who also lost a Senate race after allegations of sexual misconduct, has sued Sacha Baron Cohen for defamation over a satirical interview, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

  • In 2018, Moore appeared in an interview with Cohen on his segment for Showtime’s Who is America? called "Yerushalayim TV."
  • The Hollywood Reporter reported at the time:

Cohen, as the character Erran Morad, interviewed the judge and demonstrated a fictional device meant to detect pedophiles — a reference to Moore's alleged sexual misconduct with an underage girl that surface during his failed campaign for Alabama's U.S. Senate seat.

  • Moore ultimately walked out of the interview.
  • Though Moore signed a consent agreement with Yerushalayim TV, he claims that the agreement is void because Yerushalayim is a fictional entity.
  • U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Carter Jr. denied Cohen, Showtime, and CBS’ motion to dismiss the case last week.

The judge rules that he can't decide on the pleadings whether Cohen, Showtime and CBS can enforce the consent agreement. That's because he says it all depends on their relationship to Yerushalayim TV. The defendants submit that the entity was set up in Wyoming and is owned by Cohen and is a subsidiary of a company that licensed Who Is America? to Showtime, and while Carter acknowledges that "it seems likely that defendants are at least associated," the judge adds, "That is not a fact I can assume at this phase of the litigation."

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