Roy Moore’s ‘Jewish’ Lawyer Voted For Doug Jones

Screengrab/Guardian News/YouTube

"There could not be a more passionate supporter of Doug than me!" - Richard Jaffe, Jewish attorney of the Moores

In an attempt to combat accusations of antisemitism during her husband's campaign, Roy Moore's wife Kayla told rally goers that they have a lawyer who "is a Jew".

Well, that Jewish lawyer threw his support behind Moore's opponent, Democrat Doug Jones, as it turns out:

Richard Jaffe is an Alabama defense attorney hired by the Moores to defend their son, Caleb Moore, against drug charges in 2016.

Jaffe told the Washington Examiner he has been close personal friends with Doug Jones for more than 30 years and he both contributed to, and raised money for, his campaign.

Jaffe said no one is "a more passionate supporter of Doug" than him and he hoped to be in the Senate gallery when Jones was sworn in Wednesday.