Roger Stone Associate And Infowars Personality In Plea Talks With Robert Mueller

Jerome Corsi.Screengrab/Jerome Corsi/YouTube

Jerome Corsi confirmed on Friday that he is in plea negotiations with special counsel Robert Mueller's prosecutors.

Conspiracy theorist and conservative writer Jerome Corsi is working on a plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller, the Washington Post reported on Friday, citing Corsi and a second person familiar with the negotiations.

> The talks with Corsi — an associate of both President Trump and GOP operative Roger Stone — could bring Mueller’s team closer to determining whether Trump or his advisers were linked to WikiLeaks’ release of hacked Democratic emails in 2016, a key partof his long-running inquiry.


> Corsi provided research on Democratic figures during the campaign to Stone, a longtime Trump adviser. For months, the special counsel has been scrutinizingStone’s activities in an effort to determine whether he coordinated with WikiLeaks. Stone and WikiLeaks have repeatedly denied any such coordination.

Corsi, who is also the Washington Bureau Chief for Alex Jones’ InfoWars, confirmed to the Post that he is in talks with Mueller’s prosecutors on Friday.

> “It’s true. Your story is accurate,” he said, declining to comment further except to say there may be further developments next week.


> David Gray, an attorney for Corsi, declined to comment, as did a spokesman for Mueller. Stone declined to comment on Corsi’s plea negotiations. An attorney for Trump declined to comment.


> The deal is not yet complete and could still be derailed. Last week, Corsi said his efforts to cooperate with prosecutors had broken down and that he expected to be indictedon a charge of allegedly lying. He described feeling under enormous pressure from Mueller and assured his supporters that he remains supportive of the president.

At issue is a prediction Corsi made in August 2016 that Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails would be released by WikiLeaks in October — a prediction that came true on October 7.

While prosecutors are trying to determine if Corsi had a source with inside information about WikiLeaks, the conservative writer maintains he simply developed the theory based on public information.

> Corsi told the Daily Caller that he based his prediction on public sources of information, including the fact that Podesta was not among the Democrats whose emails had been published by WikiLeaks when the group released Democratic National Committee correspondence in July.


> He said he concluded that WikiLeaks must be holding back Podesta’s correspondence to make a bigger splash later in the campaign.


> Podesta did not work for the DNC and the emails were stolen from his private Gmail account, not an address linked to the Democratic Party.

As for Corsi’s relationship with Trump, Stone has told the Post that two had spoken directly during the 2016 campaign.

> Stone said the two men became friendly after Corsi published a book in 2011 advancing the false theory that Obama was not qualified to hold office because he was not born in the United States. Trump became a leading proponent of that falsehood.

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