Robotic Trump Added to Disney's 'Hall of Presidents'

The life-size animatronic Trump is complete with a blue and white striped tie that hangs well below his belt.

In spite of more than 15,000 signatures garnered by a petition to keep it from happening, Walt Disney World reopened its Hall of Presidents Tuesday showcasing a life-size Donald Trump who speaks to the crowd.

“As has been the tradition with every new president since the attraction debuted, an Audio-Animatronics figure of President Donald J. Trump has been added to the show,” the statement said. “President Trump personally recorded remarks exclusively for The Hall of Presidents, just as each sitting president has done for the attraction since the early 1990s.”

The attraction was originally slated to reopen in June after closing for renovations in January, with some speculating that the delay had to do with a petition that hoped to keep Trump's robot counterpart silent:

Disney had earlier dismissed reports that the president would not have a speaking role in the attraction. In a June blog post, Disney said it was “working closely with the current White House -- just as we have with previous administrations.”

Walt Disney Parks & Resorts released a preview video of the attraction on Monday, showing a life-sized animatronic Trump standing center stage in an unbuttoned dark-colored suit jacket and a long, striped blue tie that hangs well below the waistline.

"From the beginning, America has been a nation defined by its people," the Trump figure says in the video.