Robert Mueller To Testify Before House Cmte. About ‘Trump-Russia’ Investigation

Screengrab / CBS Evening News / Youtube

According to The Guardian, U.S. House judiciary committee chairman Jerry Nadler has decided to hear special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony on allegations of obstruction of justice committed by President Trump and of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

While the date has not yet been determined, Representative Nadler stated that the committee expects Mueller’s testimony sometime this month.

In a recent letter to attorney general William Barr, Mueller expressed dissatisfaction for Barr’s failure to accurately represent the conclusion of the special counsel probe. Prior to the full release of the 448-page redacted document on April 18, Barr wrote a letter to Congress claiming that the investigation did not find sufficient evidence to charge Trump. The actual result of Mueller’s investigation, however, was that there was not enough evidence to exonerate Trump, and on 10 separate occasions, the president tried to interfere with the investigation.

In the Senate, top Democrat lawmaker Dianne Feinstein said Wednesday that she had requested Republican Committee on the Judiciary chairman Senator Lindsey Graham to send an invitation for Mueller’s testimony. But Graham rebuffed her request, saying he did not see the point in having Mueller appear before the committee.

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