Robert Mueller Demands Documents Relating To Trump’s Inner Circle

Screengrab/CBS News/YouTube

Robert Mueller has asked a witness for all communications with Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and others.

According to Axios, a Grand Jury subpoena received last month by a witness in Robert Mueller's Russia investigation revealed that the special counsel is seeking all communications with President Donald Trump and numerous Trump-connected individuals.

The following persons are included:

  • Carter Page - (former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign)
  • Corey Lewandowski - (former Trump campaign manager)
  • Donald J. Trump
  • Hope Hicks - (outgoing White House Communications Director)
  • Keith Schiller - (Trump's longtime security chief, former director of Oval Office operations)
  • Michael Cohen - (Trump's attorney and spokesperson)
  • Paul Manafort - (former Trump campaign chairman; indicted by Mueller)
  • Rick Gates - (former Trump campaign aide; Manafort's business partner; indicted by Mueller)
  • Roger Stone - (former Trump campaign adviser; political consultant, lobbyist, strategist, and conspiracy theorist)
  • Steve Bannon - (former chief executive of Trump campaign; former White House adviser)

The subpoena covers all communications sent or received, including emails, texts, and handwritten notes, from November 1, 2015 to present.