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The Hill reports that an official from the Republican National Committee has accused Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) of endorsing voter fraud after making a joke about her pet Bailey’s plans to vote for Joe Biden.

  • In a July 16 town hall, Warren told senior Biden campaign adviser Symone Sanders that Bailey is “definitely going to vote in November, and he’s voting Democrat all the way.” She added, “Bailey for Biden!”
  • Republican National Committee Rapid Response Director Steve Guest Tweeted a clip portraying Warren’s statement and wrote, “Elizabeth Warren endorses voter fraud, says her dog will be voting Democrat… Voter fraud is not a joking matter.”
  • Guest also Tweeted a link to a Fox 5 Atlanta article about a Georgia family receiving a voter registration application for their dead cat.
  • However, in the same article the Georgia Secretary of State's Office explains that no one would have been able to cast a vote in the name of said cat on account of him having no license or state identification.
  • The office’s best guess is that a third party activist group using mailing lists to try and promote voter registration sent the registration application in the cat’s name in error. Regardless, the office remained “dedicated to investigating all types of fraud.”
  • In the meantime, the anti-Trump Republican super PAC called the Lincoln Project has promoted the hashtag #Dogs4Biden.

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