RNC Funded Over 10,000 Automated Calls To Tie Up House Democrats’ Phone Lines


The RNC funded roughly 11,000 automated calls in order to curtail House Democrats’ ability in impeachment inquiry.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) reportedly funded approximately 11,000 automated phone calls to tie up the offices of dozens of House Democrats to obstruct the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, according to Newsweek

Two anonymous sources briefed on the effort claimed that the calls were coordinated at the “Off the Record” dinner, an event attended by at least 12 Republican officials.

While RNC officials said the calls were meant to survey voters, the sources suggested the calls were planned to be automated and aimed to jam up Democrats’ phone lines. 

“Our supporters are incredibly fired up to help us fight this impeachment charade,” said Mike Reed, a spokesperson for the RNC. “Our ‘stop the madness’ campaign has helped hundred of thousands of voters get the information they need to reach out to their Democrat representatives and tell them to drop the phoney impeachment inquiry and get back to work for the American people.”

Although some campaign finance lawyers have denounced the targeting as an attempt to restrict their communication capabilities, the RNC’s efforts can be considered a legitimate use of campaign resources. 

“They can use campaign and RNC funds for impeachment-related work, including legal and advocacy,” said Joe Birkenstock, former Democratic National Committee general counsel, later adding that these efforts are going slightly further than what is typically done.

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