RNC Chairwoman: Medicare-For-All Will Make U.S. Healthcare Unaffordable

Ronna McDanielGage Skidmore / CC-BY-2.0 / Flickr

"It means bureaucrats in Washington are going to be making your Medicare decisions and the costs will be astronomical."

After being asked several times by Fox News host Neil Cavuto if Republicans had a plan for healthcare, Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel began to criticize Democrats.

Cavuto wondered whether Trump needed to blame the Obama administration or the Federal Reserve for “holding him back” or if he should just “let the economy speak for itself.” According to Newsweek, McDaniel only replied that the Trump administration was solely responsible for the “booming economy.”

Cavuto continued to question why Republicans have failed to assemble any health care plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.

"Look, Donald Trump is a businessman who ran for office because he said Washington can't get it done," McDaniel said. "Why can't anybody from the Obama administration or Joe Biden or any Democrat say President Trump was correct, he has kick-started this economy? You know what they're proposing? They're saying let's have government take over our health care, let's have government take over our schools, I mean it's more of a government takeover. It's a lot of policies that will slow..."

"Do Republicans have a health care plan yet?" Cavuto interrupted.

"Republicans are putting forward a health care plan, the president has talked about this...," McDaniel said before Cavuto interrupted again.

"When is that going to happen? Because I don't see it," he said.

"I will say this, I'm not a policymaker, but I will say this: We want to make sure that the doctor-patient relationship is restored we do not want bureaucrats in Washington making medical decisions for families across the country," McDaniel replied.

Cavuto continued: "But if you're going to criticize your predecessor and say his plan sucked or whatever he's saying, you don't have a plan! You don't have a plan to substitute and you're always slapping him around."

McDaniel, fishing for an answer, said: "I'm not crafting the plan, but I will say we're going to contrast with the Democrats what Medicare for all means, which sounds great, Medicare for all, what does it mean?" McDaniel asked. "Government takeover. It means bureaucrats in Washington are going to be making your Medicare decisions and the costs will be astronomical, and it will destroy the underlying health care in this country. So yes, we're going to contrast that."

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