RNC Adopts “Opt-In” Sex Education As Party’s Official Policy

Screengrab/Cynthia Dunbar/YouTube

The resolution was drafted by RNC member Cynthia Dunbar, who failed to capture the GOP nomination in Virginia this year.

One result of the Republican National Committee’s summer meeting last week was the adoption of a resolution calling on the nation’s public school officials to make sex education courses “opt in” as opposed to “opt out”, Right Wing Watch reported Thursday.

Rather than give parents an opportunity to remove their children from such courses if they object to the material, “opt in” would require express parental consent to allow students to participate.

The resolution warns that opt-out procedures leave students too vulnerable to learning about issues like “abortion, birth control, sexual activity, sexual orientation, transgenderism, and/or gender identity.”

Religious Right groups like the Family Research Council and Liberty Counsel are celebrating the adoption of the resolution, which calls on state legislatures to enact legislation imposing the opt-in requirement on all public schools.

The resolution was written by Cynthia Dunbar, an RNC member from Virginia who ran for Congress this year but lost in the Republican primary.

Dunbar has quite the storied history, beginning with her stint on the Texas State Board of Education, moving on to supporting Roy Moore in Alabama’s special election, a failed run for Congress, and culminating with her successful campaign to have the RNC adopt the "opt in" initiative.

Her 2008 book, “One Nation Under God,” said the establishment of public schools was unconstitutional and tyrannical, and likened sending children to public school to “throwing them into the enemy’s flames.”

FRC’s Tony Perkins hosted Dunbar on his “Washington Watch” program yesterday to celebrate what Dunbar called a “landmark resolution.” She said, “I’m hopeful that a lot of state legislative bodies will take this resolution and run with it and use it as impetus to pass legislation to require this of all school districts.”

Liberty Counsel says it is “preparing to begin work this fall on getting legislation introduced in as many states as possible.” The group also wants to repeal “obscenity exemptions” that it says “permit harmful and illegal materials to be presented at schools and libraries under the [guise] of educational and/or scientific materials.”