Rittenhouse Extradition Hearing Delayed As Lawyer Claims ‘Political Prosecution’

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Kyle Rittenhouse's attorney, John Pierce, said extraditing Rittenhouse "would be to turn him over to the mob."

Kyle Rittenhouse’s extradition hearing was delayed after his attorney said he needed time to review the state’s argument for what he claimed was a “political prosecution,” according to The Washington Post.

  • The 17-year-old Rittenhouse “has been charged with six counts — including two homicide charges — after two people were killed and one wounded during a chaotic night of demonstrations sparked by the August shooting of Jacob Blake by police,” The Post reported.
  • Rittenhouse’s lawyer, John Pierce, argued that his client had acted in self-defense during the protest and that moving him to be tried in Wisconsin, rather than in Illinois where he lives, would threaten his safety and violate his constitutional rights.

“To extradite Rittenhouse would be to turn him over to the mob,” Pierce said.

In a 16-page petition filed late Thursday, Pierce described Rittenhouse as someone “who answered his patriotic and civic duty to serve” Kenosha “during a destructive insurrection” in August.

“The premature and unsupported charges are contributing to an unwarranted public condemnation. Rittenhouse has been publicly branded a ‘mass murderer,’ a ‘terrorist,’ a ‘racist’ and more,” Pierce wrote.

  • The extradition hearing was scheduled for October 30, according to the report.

Jeff Neslund, a Chicago-based criminal defense attorney, said fighting extradition is extremely rare. Extradition typically gets a procedural hearing to move a defendant to the jurisdiction where the crime is alleged to have happened. It is usually a “delay tactic” when used otherwise, he said.

“I cannot see a legitimate basis not to send [Rittenhouse] back to Wisconsin. The idea that a mob will get him absurd on its face,” Neslund said.

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Would the attorney for Rittenhouse care so much about his client being fed to a mob if he was black? I don’t think so. Throwing him in the lion’s den seems to be quite appropriate IMHO.

Lime Basil
Lime Basil

He would be in federal custody if they wanted.....tRUMP can keep him safe....right?

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