Right-Wing Terrorist Leader Says His Group Will Be At Polls And Is Ready To Kill



Steward Rhodes said the left will "get swamped with very competent, battle-hardened veterans on our side.”

During an October 27 appearance on The Alex Jones Show, Oath Keepers militia leader Stewart Rhodes said members of his right-wing terrorist group will be stationed at polling places to “stand up and protect people on Election Day.”

  • Media Matters for America reports that Rhodes claimed opponents of President Donald Trump will be at the polls “coercing and threatening” Trump supporters as Democrats attempt to steal the election.
  • Rhodes also made numerous violent statements, asserting that his group stands ready to kill those on the left if necessary.

Discussing the “coming civil war,” Rhodes said Trump should “declassify all the secrets” to expose the “deep state” and that then his group will “go and put it to them, and take them into custody and do what we have to do.”

Rhodes said his group is “concerned about a Benghazi-style attack” on election night against the White House and that some of his “best men” will be “posted outside of D.C.” and “within range.” He said he does not trust the military because a “stand down order” could be issued that allows the attack to happen. Rhodes said such an attack could result in “the antifa flag or communist flag flying over the White House.”

  • After claiming that “bought” Democrats and “leftists” on the West Coast are participating in a proxy war that China is waging against the United States, Rhodes said: “You got to defeat them in warfare, and then you got to figure out, it’s kind of like with the Founding Fathers dealing with the loyalists, what do you do with these people?”

After Jones asked him about “military rules of engagement,” Rhodes predicted a possible civil war between the right and left and said that “our side will not just go and fight their street soldiers; we will go for their command and control also” because “that’s a smart thing to do in warfare. That’s what’s going to happen.”

  • Rhodes also said his group has had discussions with individuals who are "special warfare veterans and also current serving," adding that "it’s not going to be an easy fight for the radical left. They’re going to get swamped with very competent, battle-hardened veterans on our side.”

Rhodes declared that there is already a civil war in the U.S., “because you have sitting politicians who are part of the enemy’s ranks,” adding that “we have 14 million veterans, I believe, at least, a massive pool of combat veterans who are awake and aware.”

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Disabled Vet
Disabled Vet

Here's a novel idea. Instead of puffing around pouting about your loss as a white male, be like the Indian. He serves a flag more than any American race and was not included as a citizen until 1924. He does not carry guns around to force his ideology on other citizens. Put your guns away and volunteer for people in need. That's what America used to be about. Indians rescued immigrants and taught them how to survive and now you want to attack your own people? If you truly believe in a God, you would see that the Indian DID NOT ignore the suffering of your immigrant and foreign ancestors. All this before the Founders or Jesus gained any traction in the "New World".

Mike Pence's Fly
Mike Pence's Fly

Not to worry. A little Bonnie and Clyde action for him and his boys when they get itchy trigger fingers and a few front page obits'll settle them right down. I mean, the dude literally shot his own eye out. What are the odds he blows his own junk off this time around? Has to be better than average


What are the police doing about this but job.

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