Rig Workers Rescue Stranded Dog 135 Miles From Thai Coast

The dog, Boonrod, is said to be undergoing a smooth recovery.Photo courtesy of Vitisak Payalaw / Facebook


The dog, found lost at sea on Friday, is now safe and sound at an animal center in Thailand.

Oil rig workers found and rescued a stranded dog after finding the animal in the middle of the sea over 130 miles away from the shores of Thailand, The Telegraph reports.

The brown dog was found shivering and exhausted, paddling close to a drilling platform in the Gulf of Thailand. Workers called out to the dog on Friday afternoon, and it managed to swim to dry ground. The dog, named Boonrod, a rough translation for "survivor," finally set his paws on the land again on Monday. Activists from animal rights organization Watchdog Thailand greeted Boonrod as well as veterinarians.

Watchdog Thailand posted images of Boonrod on Facebook and called him a “beautiful life rescued from the gulf of Thailand." He appeared to be in a calm and exhausted state when he was rescued, making his rescuers' job easier. They pulled him onto the oil rig using a harness.

They gave Boonrod food and water, and staff took care of him until they put him on a boat to shore.

Officials do not know how Boonrod wound up so far out at sea, but one theory is that the dog fell off a fishing boat..

Boonrod is currently at a rescue center in Songkhla, southern Thailand, and Vitisak Payalaw, a member of the oil drilling team, offered to give him the happy home he deserves.

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