Rick Scott: People With Pre-Existing Conditions Don’t "Take Care Of Themselves"

Republican Gov. Rick Scott would like healthy people who take care of themselves to be rewarded by insurance companies.

Florida Governor Rick Scott said recently that he supports restoring the ability of American health insurance companies to treat individuals with pre-existing conditions differently, though he acknowledged they should still have access to insurance.

Rather than ensure everyone be covered at a reasonable rate, the Republican governor would like to see a system that rewards people who "take care of themselves...It’s no different from what companies have done the past.”

Republicans are rigging the system to amass wealth and power. They will use any rationale to do that. Confronting them on what they say is useless, since they will just make up things to support their wealth pursuits.

Rick Scott is a reflection of a disease that is endemic in the Republican party, rampant narcissism.

Scott might as well say that poor, and often obese, people don't take care of themselves, but that's largely because of:

  • Inadequate healthcare
  • Cheep fast food and unavailability of nutritious food
  • No safe places to play and exercise
  • Stress, sound & light pollution that disrupts sleep

It's also because of the growing wealth divide that corrupts our politics and shields the privileged from empathy for others less fortunate. Scott should read my article, "Is Healthcare a Right or a Privilege?" and watch the embedded video. (

Screw you.


Left Kidney Donor

I hope karma is sitting behind him, holding a serious, chronic, debilitating illness that doesn't kill him right off, over his head, just waiting for that perfect moment to smack him down.