Rick Scott Caused The Deaths Of 2,800 Floridians By Not Expanding Medicaid

William James

Due to career ambitions, former Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) chose not to expand Medicaid.

Former Gov. Rick Scott and Republican lawmakers’ decision not to expand Medicaid was attributed to the deaths of 2,776 older adults in a report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, according to the Miami Herald.

The report, released last week, used a data analysis by the National Bureau of Economic Research and claimed that states that had expanded Medicaid showed significant reductions in death rates for older adults who fell into the income brackets that allowed them to gain the coverage

“What the report shows for the first time is the scale of the impact of that access and just how many lives are truly saved or lost because of the ability to connect to care and maintain that connection to care, particularly for people who have chronic conditions,” said Alison Yager, director of policy advocacy for the Miami-based Florida Health Justice Project.

The report estimated that between 2014 and 2017, approximately 19,200 people who gained access in expansion states would have otherwise died.

Unfortunately, lawmakers in Florida believe that the chances to expand Medicaid are slim, if not nonexistent.

“We will continue to maintain it as a large, broad-scale, big-term issue that we believe should be heard,” said Rep. Nick Duran (D-Miami), a ranking member on several healthcare committees. “Will that be heard on this sort of year? I don’t think so. But nevertheless we think it’s important for us to formalize it and put it as a bill.”

Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers have continued to chip away at the government healthcare program, recently shortening the time period Medicaid can retroactively pay for hospital bills. They have also criticized the costs of the program for people with disabilities, which operates under a federal waiver that provides states more say on how to spend funds.

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Sure he did and DeSantis is doing that and even more. Floridians are trump pawns

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