Rick Scott Calls For U.S. Military Invasion Of Venezuela

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Scott's call for an invasion is a violation of international law.

Senator Rick Scott has called for a U.S. military invasion of Venezuela via Twitter, according to Miami New Times. The majority of foreign policy experts have said this is a dangerous move that would start a civil war or humanitarian crisis.

"There is only one option left to get aid to the people of Venezuela," Scott tweeted. "It is something that no one is willing to talk about. It is becoming clear that we will have to consider the use of American military assets to deliver aid. Maduro and his thugs have left us no choice."

A plan like this would be a violation of international law and the Maduro government would respond violently. Despite this, Congressman Mario Diaz- Balart tweeted his support for the invasion.

Diaz Balart tweeted: “The U.S. has always supported those suffering under oppression and extreme need and should protect humanitarian aid desperately needed in #Venezuela. I support @SenRickScott’s call today for taking necessary measures to get much-need food and medicine to the #Venezuelan people.”

Marco Rubio, the other Florida Senator, was also excited about the idea and tweeted his support.

This comes as the Trump administration’s move to oust Nicolás Maduro from the Venezuela government after Venezuelan National Assembly President Juan Guaidó declared himself president. Guaidó was backed by the U.S.

Foreign experts think threats from the U.S. would force Maduro to consolidate his power. This has happened in the past, when Maduro cracked down on dissidents and banned Guaidó from running for reelection. Venezuela is now in a stalemate as America’s sanctions have cut off the country’s economy from many other countries. The sanctions exacerbating the humanitarian crisis.

Scott and Diaz-Balart’s calls for a military invasion openly violated international law, and destroying the Venezuela military would also probably destroy a successor’s chance at running the nation successfully as gangs could overrun the country.

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