Rick Perry Used Taxpayer-Funded Private Jet Day Before Tom Price Resigned

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry used a taxpayer-funded private jet the day before former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price resigned. (photo credit: Youtube)

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry used a taxpayer-funded private jet for his travels according to Reuters. He reportedly used the private jet a day before former Sec. of Health and Human Services Tom Price resigned.

U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry took a chartered jet to Ohio last week, according to an airport management company, the day before fellow Cabinet member Tom Price resigned over his use of private charter flights for government business. Perry took the private plane from Hazleton Regional Airport in Pennsylvania to the Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport in southern Ohio on Sept. 28, PMH Aviation, the company that runs the Portsmouth airport, said on Wednesday. The purpose of his trip was to visit a uranium facility in Piketon, Ohio, according to the Energy Department. (Reuters)

While campaigning for the Presidency, Perry portrayed himself as a model of fiscal discipline. The former governor famously called former President Barack Obama 'a socialist' during a debate because he was allegedly redistributing America's wealth from rich to poor. In retrospect, the accusation is ironic, given that Perry and other Trump cabinet members have been redistributing taxpayer money from the treasury to themselves.