Richmond, Va. Mayor Removes Confederate Statues


Confederate statues in Richmond, Va. will be taken down after Mayor Levar Stoney ordered for its immediate removal.

The statue of Stonewall Jackson and several other Confederate statues will be removed from Virginia's capital city. "A crane and a cherry picker swiftly arrived on the city's Monument Avenue to remove the statue of the Confederate general. Crowds gathered to watch and cheer the crew's work", NPR reported.

Mayor Stoney says he has the power to make this decision as a state of emergency had been declared. "We've had 33 days of unrest…It's time. It's time to move beyond the lost cause and embrace the righteous cause. We can be more than just the capital of the Confederacy. It's time for us to be the capital of compassion", Mayor Stoney said.

"Monument Avenue's Robert E. Lee statue is owned by the state. Gov. Ralph Northam is trying to remove it, but that effort has been blocked by an injunction from a Richmond judge. A statue of Jefferson Davis was toppled by protesters last month, leaving Monument Avenue with two other city-owned statues of Confederate figures still standing: J.E.B. Stuart and Matthew Fontaine Maury."


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