Richard Spencer Hid Behind African-American Trainer After Being Confronted At Gym

Professor Christine Fair confronting Richard Spencer (Photo Credit: Christine Fair)

C. Christine Fair, an associate professor at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service confronted White Supremacist Richard Spencer at her gym in May, claiming:

I exploited the full range of my first amendment entitlements by telling him that this country does not belong to white men. As a white woman, I find his membership at this gym to be unacceptable. I found his membership at this gym to be an unfair burden upon the women and people of color–and white male allies of the same. I also loudly identified him as a neo-Nazi who has said, inter alia, the below-detailed things.”

Professor Fair asked Richard Spencer if he was Richard Spencer and in the words of the professor, “this pendulous poltroon said “No. I am not.”

After confronting Mr. Spencer and telling her how she really felt, the White Supremacist reportedly hid behind an African-American female trainer.

“…As the attached photo attests, this pusillanimous shitbird actually requested one of the African American Female Trainers to help him escape from my confronting him. Seriously? This superior race of a white man needed the help of a female African American? What kind of martial race member is he?”

Buzzfeed has confirmed that Richard Spencer’s gym membership has been terminated.

Buzzfeed reports that Mr. Spencer doesn’t understand why the gym revoked his membership.