Rich Area Pressures Church to Stop Feeding the Homeless

Screengrab/CBS News/Youtube

The United Methodist Church in Malibu had been feeding the homeless twice a week until city officials asked it to stop.

According to the Independent, a church in Malibu has decided to stop serving food to the hungry after city officials indicated the selfless act is drawing too many homeless people to the community.

The United Methodist Church and Standing on Stone, a Christian group, had been hosting twice-weekly homeless dinners on Wednesdays and Thursdays. But...once the metro line to Santa Monica opened last year, a number of residents complained that mentally-ill and other homeless people were camping at the beach and entering schools.

Dawn Randall, a member of the church, said it recently received an email from city officials. “Very succinctly, they claimed we are increasing homelessness,” she told CBS.

Malibu Mayor Skylar Peak apologized at a public hearing this week, insisting this was a case of miscommunication and that he had not issued such an order:

“No they were never formally asked to stop feeding the homeless,” said Mr Peak. “Not at all.”

Homelessness seems to be growing in Malibu, a city best known for its wealth:

The Los Angeles Times said the city, which has a population of 13,000, has roughly 180 homeless residents, but no shelter or housing for poor people.