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Supporters of President Donald Trump are feeling decidedly unwelcome in many places across the United States, and in an effort to combat what they have come to term “MAGAphobia,” a new app promises to help Trump supporters find MAGA-friendly businesses.

The app is called “63red Safe,” according to The Daily Beast, and its goal is to steer the president’s red-hat-wearing fans to establishments where conservatives are welcome, its founder said.

Scott Wallace told The Daily Beast he is “trying to position it as an everyday 'where can I go eat safely' app.”

The app reportedly functions much like Yelp, only the questions are markedly different: they include “whether the restaurant’s owners make political social-media posts and whether they allow customers to carry weapons.”

Wallace told the Daily Beast he is sure the app’s popularity will increase as the 2020 presidential election draws near — which is when Trump supporters will be targeted by “socialist goon squads,” as he calls them.

“I believe that, between now and 2020, we’re going to see the rise of the socialist goon squad,” Wallace said. “I think antifa was nothing compared between now and what’s coming in 2020. And I’m deeply concerned.”

The 63red Safe app — which is “part of a larger network of apps that have launched under the “63red” name, including a chat app and a news aggregator that Wallace says has roughly 100,000 monthly users” — is like a fire extinguisher, its creator said.

You might not always need it, but when you do, you really do, he told The Daily Beast, saying, “When it counts it can become very important to know beforehand.”

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