Republicans Want You To Endanger Your Children While Protecting Their Own

Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian / Public Domain

Julie Zheng

While the GOP argues that kids are less likely to be infected, a 6-year-old girl just died of COVID-19.

Republicans have repeatedly called for schools to fully reopen as they argue that children are less likely to become sick with the coronavirus, but President Donald Trump and other Republicans are not returning their own children to in-person classes.

  • Trump has insisted that schools should reopen with the person-to-person instruction and threatened to withhold federal money from those who do not, while St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, the school attended by Trump’s son, has stated that rather than fully reopening, they will adopt a hybrid or fully online model for the fall, according to The New York Times.
  • Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) told Fox Business that his grandchildren would not attend an in-person class, saying that “my daughters are going to be more focused on distance learning right now to make sure their children are safe, but I know other parents are going to want to make sure their kids are back in the classroom,” Tampa Bay Times’s Alex Daugherty reported.
  • The report also noted that Florida “Sen. Marco Rubio did not say if his children would attend classes in person when asked by the Miami Herald, but said he wants to see Miami’s community spread decrease in the coming weeks before students return.”
  • Daugherty noted that most schools in Florida would be required to fully reopen because of the state’s emergency order from Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran, despite total deaths topped 5,653 with a total of 402,312 infections.
  • Republicans have argued that kids are safer because they are less likely to get sick or die from the virus. However, 6-year-old Gigi Morse died from COVID-19 earlier this week in Tennessee, reported by The Hill’s Justine Coleman.
  • “She passed away unexpectedly,” the girl’s mother posted on Facebook. It was the first childhood death recorded in Madison County, Tenn., Coleman noted.

Republicans have threatened schools to fully reopen and pushed parents to send their kids into danger, while they have made the completely opposite decision to protect their own.


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