Republicans Refused To Allow Their Committees To Question Maria Butina

Maria Butina was one of about 30 witnesses Democrats wanted to question but Rep. Devin Nunes would not allow.

According to Rep. Mike Quigley(D-IL), House Republicans refused to allow Democrats to interview convicted Russian spy Maria Butina.

Via RawStory:

But Butina was one of about 30 witnesses that Democrats sought out that Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and other Republicans on the Intelligence Committee denied. The investigation has since been closed by Nunes.

“Let me tell you, she was high on our list on the Democratic side to, interview on the House Select Committee Intelligence investigation,” Quigley said, in an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon.

Lemon, seemingly shocked, responded with, “Really?”

“The Republicans refused to allow her to come testify,” Quigley continued. “They refused multiple — I would say there’s probably 30 other key witnesses like her that they refused to bring before the committee.”

Quigley said the Republicans on the committee didn’t like where the investigation was headed, eventually shutting down the entire effort.

“Thank God the [Robert] Mueller investigation continues so the American public can get a glimmer, through the indictments last week and this indictment today, of just what took place. It is a path towards the White House.”

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