Republicans Have Four Convicted Criminals Running For Office In 2018

The Republican Party might as well start doing candidate outreach at jails and prisons.

The Republican Party currently has four convicted criminals running for office in 2018 according to the Huffington Post.

  1. There is Joe Arpaio, who was convicted (and then pardoned) for ignoring the court order of a federal judge. Arpaio was ordered to cease the racial profiling of Latinos. Instead, he chose to ignore it.
  2. There is Don Blankenship, who is a coal baron with an atrocious safety record. He recently left prison after being convicted of conspiracy to evade mining rules. 29-people died at his mine prior to his 1-year sentence to prison.
  3. There is Michael Grimm, who was convicted of felony tax evasion. He famously threatened a political journalist on live TV, telling the reporter that he 'break him in half' and throw him over the balcony to the floor below (essentially severely injuring or killing him). Stephen Bannon is backing Grimm.
  4. There is Greg Gianforte who infamously body slammed a journalist from the Guardian and then lied about it to police. He was convicted of simple misdemeanor assault. He also happens to be a religious fanatic.

Three of these men — Arpaio, Blankenship and Grimm — have suggested that their convictions show they were persecuted by the Obama administration for their political beliefs. The actual evidence suggests otherwise. Blankenship referred to himself as a “political prisoner” of the Obama administration and is seeking to rehabilitate his image through an electoral run. Grimm claims that he was a victim with “the entire Obama Justice Department weaponized against me.” And Arpaio called his conviction for refusing to follow a lawful court order a “political witch hunt by holdovers in the Obama justice department.”

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