Republicans Close To Trump Knows He’s Mentally Unstable

The White House/Public Domain

Everyone appears to be in-the-know when it comes to President Trump's cognitive decline.

Various reports point to the fact that it is not only Democrats realizing the president is not mentally fit to discharge the duties of his office. Between new reporting from Michael Wolff, the observations of Senator Bob Corker in October, and the meeting of lawmakers with a renowned psychiatrist last month, it has become clear that those around Donald Trump believe he is a man in mental decline.

By all accounts, most GOP Congress members recognize that Donald Trump is a pathological narcissist with early stage dementia and only peripheral contact with reality.

The most notable support for this claim comes by way of statements Corker made toward the end of last year:

In October, a Republican senator likened the White House to an adult day-care center; said that he knew “for a fact that every single day at the White House, it’s a situation of trying to contain him”; and insisted that, in private, most of his GOP colleagues shared this assessment.

Wolff's reporting further cements this notion:

Everybody [in the White House] was painfully aware of the increasing pace of his repetitions. It used to be inside of 30 minutes he’d repeat, word-for-word and expression-for-expression, the same three stories — now it was within 10 minutes. Indeed, many of his tweets were the product of his repetitions — he just couldn’t stop saying something.

… Hoping for the best, with their personal futures as well as the country’s future depending on it, my indelible impression of talking to them and observing them through much of the first year of his presidency, is that they all — 100 percent — came to believe he was incapable of functioning in his job.

It is becoming more clear that President Donald Trump remaining in office has less to do with his competency than it does a lack of will on the part of Republicans and those close to him to do what is right for the country.